Tuesday, 31 July 2012

What the year 7's enjoyed in Workshop

In workshop the year 7's had a ball here are some of the things they enjoyed:

Christian – I liked smashing nails into wood and exploring different
Josef – I enjoyed drilling and hammering stuff .
Emma –I enjoyed making all of the projects.
David – I enjoyed making the pens and the buzzers .
Becca – I enjoyed creating stuff and sharing my creations .
Tyreek – I enjoyed painting and building new things .
Scott-I enjoyed making the buzzers and making the shelve.
Eden I enjoyed making all the creations .
Sefh – I enjoyed making my creations and sharing them with my
Chris – I enjoyed doing all of the tasks.
Bernice - I enjoyed making usable items.

Wow what a good time they had! Aren't they lucky!

Interviewed by Kelvin, posted by Emily.

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